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Battle Rehime| To the Skies of Horizon by sphelon8565 Battle Rehime| To the Skies of Horizon :iconsphelon8565:sphelon8565 54 17 Battle Rehime | Guts by sphelon8565 Battle Rehime | Guts :iconsphelon8565:sphelon8565 42 0 Battle Rehime | Sakura Kinomoto by sphelon8565 Battle Rehime | Sakura Kinomoto :iconsphelon8565:sphelon8565 36 2 BR Fillers | To Kill or Not To Kill by sphelon8565 BR Fillers | To Kill or Not To Kill :iconsphelon8565:sphelon8565 81 15 League of Legends|Pool Party Beach Sports Edition by sphelon8565 League of Legends|Pool Party Beach Sports Edition :iconsphelon8565:sphelon8565 91 11 Battle RehimeFillers|WIP01|To Kill or Not To  Kill by sphelon8565 Battle RehimeFillers|WIP01|To Kill or Not To Kill :iconsphelon8565:sphelon8565 21 11 Battle Rehime | WIP Fanfiction shorts I.01 by sphelon8565 Battle Rehime | WIP Fanfiction shorts I.01 :iconsphelon8565:sphelon8565 2 0 Battle Rehime | WIP Fanfiction shorts I by sphelon8565 Battle Rehime | WIP Fanfiction shorts I :iconsphelon8565:sphelon8565 4 0 Battle Rehime | Janna Windforce by sphelon8565 Battle Rehime | Janna Windforce :iconsphelon8565:sphelon8565 63 6 Battle Rehime | Squall Leonhart by sphelon8565 Battle Rehime | Squall Leonhart :iconsphelon8565:sphelon8565 69 15 Battle Rehime | Dante Sparda by sphelon8565 Battle Rehime | Dante Sparda :iconsphelon8565:sphelon8565 76 12 Battle Rehime | Fan Random Expressions 04 by sphelon8565 Battle Rehime | Fan Random Expressions 04 :iconsphelon8565:sphelon8565 7 0 Battle Rehime | Fan Random Expressions 03 by sphelon8565 Battle Rehime | Fan Random Expressions 03 :iconsphelon8565:sphelon8565 2 0 Franklin D Roosevelt | Poltrait by sphelon8565 Franklin D Roosevelt | Poltrait :iconsphelon8565:sphelon8565 5 0 Abraham Lincolin | Quick Poltrait by sphelon8565 Abraham Lincolin | Quick Poltrait :iconsphelon8565:sphelon8565 7 3 League of Legends - Harmonic Calmness by sphelon8565 League of Legends - Harmonic Calmness :iconsphelon8565:sphelon8565 205 67


Stormy Waters by aw-landscapes Stormy Waters :iconaw-landscapes:aw-landscapes 183 9 Innocence by artigianodellaluce Innocence :iconartigianodellaluce:artigianodellaluce 80 2 Selfie by umigraphics Selfie :iconumigraphics:umigraphics 534 9 Daisy by myjerart Daisy :iconmyjerart:myjerart 495 63 ITADAKIMASU by JaimeQuianoJr ITADAKIMASU :iconjaimequianojr:JaimeQuianoJr 178 24 Shokoapp by und34dmuffin Shokoapp :iconund34dmuffin:und34dmuffin 31 8 LoL : Star Guardians Team A by ippus LoL : Star Guardians Team A :iconippus:ippus 394 9 Commission - LavenderIced by Rosuuri Commission - LavenderIced :iconrosuuri:Rosuuri 2,545 61 FGO Summer Festival by Rosuuri FGO Summer Festival :iconrosuuri:Rosuuri 2,766 44 Under the Sky by kawacy Under the Sky :iconkawacy:kawacy 5,985 74 Sona and Ahri (collab commision) by KitsuneYin Sona and Ahri (collab commision) :iconkitsuneyin:KitsuneYin 309 9 Venus by thirteenthangel Venus :iconthirteenthangel:thirteenthangel 63 5 Page from Superman #31 by arf Page from Superman #31 :iconarf:arf 151 6 White.(Kekkai.Sensen) render #312 by Yukina-Yuk White.(Kekkai.Sensen) render #312 :iconyukina-yuk:Yukina-Yuk 130 3 CausalJammin by MadiBlitz CausalJammin :iconmadiblitz:MadiBlitz 168 6 Apashi by phoenixlu Apashi :iconphoenixlu:phoenixlu 3,338 168



sphelon8565 has started a donation pool!
23 / 4,000
HI do you love my creative contents here?
I'm willing to accept donations and perhaps would like to make A DA premium membership and if you do I'll soon guaraneteed to make new awesome and rare to find contents here: **since I am just a learning artist...this type of gems may grow upon new values! **and I want to participate at those polls I want to make!!

also please do support me on:

also follow me on:

just in case I'll announce something over there instead here.

This will help me motivate myself and would help me start making original contents such as Animated Shorts, Novels, Writing Contents and Comics that I would like to make!

(and Some random directions I really can't tell ahead of time but I do want to become a film producer when the right time comes by making original stories!))

Feel free to donate to support your fellow artist so they can keep go on active and aspire them to work.

(As a living, I need to pay the economic basics like food and laundry for myself) ;^^

Point Donation goes here:…

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Oh yeah if you guys are curious of other things I's my website:

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Greetings dear netizens. :happybounce:
this is Sphelon8565 speaking and welcome to my internet page of artistry.

I'm using this page in a while for those who want to hear some updates from me daily and I'll be often using this
article in the feature front page and constantly update whats going on on my professions in life.

anyways, sit back and read my journals for personal daily updates and my current life status.

This is where my other stuffs go when I don't put them here in my deviantart account, feel free to visit it.


amazingsphelon    |  sphelon8565


SPHELON8565's Daily Stories

 on one of my journal entries below here to get informed and updated! :happybounce:

Oct 8, 2017 May, 29, 2017
Sphelon8565's Daily AnnouncementHello Today deviants and dear meatballs! 
Star vs the Forces of Evil - Marco icon2 
This Season's episode is something I'd like to further express my milestones in the internet community.
 Currently I have 4000+ pageviews and 200 + watchers above so, there will be more milestones to come should I go strong and active. so let's get started for some small bunch of news! :happybounce:
Today I had post my 100TH deviation in my account:

I need to give myself a praise for being still alive and kicking for posting new works :aww:
Well it appears that :hmm: I'll be confident enough to type something important with my people here but before that
I'll be making myself some important announcements!
This Season I had finished my freelance contract from my work and it's a good milestone for me that I'll be improving my resume and my profession once in a while and there's more hustle to come when it comes to updating my re
  05/29/2017 -Sphelon's DA JourneyHi guys! I know it's kinda hard to update new stuffs here so I'll be summarizing all of my current
works here in this page and tell you what, I got a lot of WIPS to do!! I know I've been currently doing a bunch of crossover characters over the weeks for my creative fanfiction "the Battle Rehime" in my DA account but honestly speaking there are some things I've been doing outside not posted here on my DA account, stepping asside the crossover fanfiction writing verse and some of my stuffs I've posted. So let this be a hidden gem for you guys...and I hope I could...someday post that walk cycle on Star Vs the Forces of Evil Season 1...but don't count on it.
( it's gonna cost my reputation and some illegal stuffs if I did that but when the right time comes and by chance I've ask the right permission to the owners I will, but not this time)
So what do I do outside Deviantart besides this career hunt? let's just say I'm making a book, my own fictional story in the making but I don't want to


MISC: NEWs from other artists

Nothing New.....



Looking for something for me to create with? you came to the right place! :happybounce:
Keep in mind that I'll be updating my commission statuses in a while so take your chances in every season, you'll never know when and which types of commission will be (CLOSED) or (OPEN). I am still looking for work though outside the DA community but this time **I' am open for commissions!
*****I'll be updating my terms in a while so stay tune and I'll keep you guys in track so updated terms.
In the meantime, I better be civilized with you and lets see what I can do......

*****************************oh by the way ************************
Here are some stuffs I will guaranteed will never ever dorosenintensifiesplz rosenintensifiesplz rosenintensifiesplz rosenintensifiesplz 
♦ Hentai / Porn
♦ Offensive/Racist Themes
♦ Weird Fetishes
♦ Arts NSFW
=========================Commission GUIDES goes through here================



Sphelon's Archives...Welcome to my! this is where I'll put all my old news artciles stuffs from both myself and from other artists! and where there outdated, it's time to take em away from your journal!
NONE as of now....
Other Artists'
10/ 10/2017 
:iconkawaii-says-meow: by kawaii-says-meow
  Oh...kawaii-says-meow's helding a 700 Watchers give away!! and the deadline is on Oct 15th this month!! Go ahead and join her activity if you like and have the chance to win somehow!! :happybounce:
**(ENDED at 10/15/2017) 3 winners have been announced! go check em out. I didn't won :juggle: and if you didn't won better luck nextime!
Also I don't mind sharing these stuffs around and I kinda have little knowledge of them but you may take a look around if you guys know the drill and ho

there's nothing special in the archives journal I just put all my past journals from other artist that I put here.
thats unless you wanna go check something old of sort.


Artist | Hobbyist | Film & Animation
United States
A graduate from batch 2013 from a College Animation School.
Currently finding work as long as I hope it'll be a good direction
along with my creative paths for the future. Making great creativity at my best skill and knowledge
and find ways to make inspirations credible.
Weird Honest SECRET:
Has contributed work from clients like Blue Apron, Aids Walk, etc...and has animated shows like Disney's The 7D, Star vs The Forces of Evil,
Robe Socke (a german cartoon animation), and hopefully more to come.
Secret no. 2
Oh yeah.....My first job when I landed in the U.S. after my graduation was a freakin Bike Delivery. Oh damn it I wonder what inspiration I can come up with ..
Secret no. 3
Lived in a black and white scenario.
Secret no. 4
Has yet to post a very secret yet to make fictional for now I need to make a living,.

Here.s a wish I want to wish...Help me create my own diversity and perhaps sooner I will commit to you as long as it's diverse to my need.
Secret No. 5

I know there are a lot of closed minded artists out there and I fall 80% potentially one of them. Much like secret no. 4 we have our own aims and goal in our lives that differs our personality from one another, but that doesn't potentially stop us for showing friendliness, kindness and perhaps even showing signs of goofy social talking.
INFACT*** They can be OPEN MINDED. So don't even bother mess with us.

Forgive the community perhaps at my best advice.
Secret no. 6
Learning artists like me do sometimes feel high when I learned great perspective insights on an art. and when it does, does that mean I potentially become a teacher? not necessary but sadly I don't teach my style ^^; But honestly I think I could tell we do grew ourselves learning to become masters of our own.
Secret no. 7
We have our goals in our life for improving our own art, a style in each we have to developed from the beginning and in fact when you learn from others you'll soon developed a taste of diversity when you grew old along with what you draw and from there we choose our own directions and diversity we could survive with. and If you'd think I'm only doing anime or one style in this while on this account, you'd be wrong.
Secret no. 8
Regardless of whether I'm working with somebody else from one person or two companies, My will would always go back to where my dedication goes at for its very best and uniqueness.


Heads UP Everyone!! :la:


If you guys are interested now is your chance! You'll never know when they'll be around.
UPDATE from:

Alright looks like I'll be announcing something in my journal anytime soon. Stay tune guys I'll be doing something first so I could decorate my announcement. and btw guys: NEWEST deviation right here guys! :happybounce: and it's my 100Th post
Battle Rehime| To the Skies of Horizon by sphelon8565
Hello today peeps, I want to announce that I will be opened for commissions soon around this early season. Take my word after I posted three new upcoming works I'll be making this month: 2 relating Battle Rehime Characters and one Large poster consisting the FF: Sakura Kinomoto, Skywraith Mage, Janna Windforce, Vaane Fanel and Dizzy. After those three works I'll make I'll make an drastic announcement before I'll open up my time for commissions. In the meantime, "it's closed until further notice" so stay tune in patient. Eventually I will be ready without hasty pressures.
UPDATE: well I got two more to go! sadly..I 'm going to postpone those posting due to unexpected sickness I got. :sick: nether the less I better work my ass off when I got well.
For those who had missed my current status here's the link:

In summary wise I have a freelance work to do. 

Looks like I'm gonna be super busy this month and til Aug 25th. Stay tune guys! I might upload some unexpected artworks here.

Love you all guys!

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